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End Post Repair Kit

Prolong the life of all types of IBJs quickly and cost-effectively with the End Post Repair Kit.

Our specialised End Post Repair Kit makes light work of an Insulated Block Joint (IBJ) defect. Offering a high quality, yet quick repair solution, it negates the need to remove and replace full track sections. The kit can service all types of IBJs, repairing a break in the circuit or damage often caused by a lipping, partly missing, or damaged end post. 

The kit not only provides a quick fix, but can also extend the life of the joints up to 15 years – or until they need replacing. Providing a longer service life and fast installation time helps to reduce overall costs.

Monitoring has shown that enhanced IRJs result in fewer defects. This is because the bespoke end post filling compound which is included in the kit, makes the IRJ waterproof. Water causes corrosion which in turn can lead to malfunctioning. The antistatic coating prevents any grinding substance or dirt from adhering to the surface.

The kit comes in a case containing the materials needed to repair all types of IRJs and includes surface cleaner, joint primer, glue, glue gun, scraper, anti-static coating, nozzles, and gloves.

A one person operation and fast curing times make it possible to permanently repair a joint in only 20 minutes. The waterproof formulation can be applied in damp conditions. If necessary, the same IRJ can be repaired multiple times. The glue component in the kit is so strong, it not only repairs the joint but also makes it stronger.

If IRJs are not properly maintained, they can deteriorate over time, which can cause breaks in the track circuit, resulting in detrimental effects on safety. Timely detection of damage or irregularities can eliminate the need for costly replacement.

Watch the End Post Repair Kit in action

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