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PRISMA Modular Deterrent System

Our innovative anti-trespass system has been meticulously developed to guarantee that it satisfies a range of requirements.

From sustainable manufacturing, where we only use 100% recycled materials, to installation, where the equipment delivers on the strict rail authority specifications. Not forgetting its ultimate purpose of physically deterring unauthorised intruders from restricted areas.

Two types of system:

  • Station and platform
  • On and off track

The PRISMA Modular Deterrent System can be used not only for rail, but for highways, military, crowd control and more. The clever pyramid structure creates a difficult obstacle thanks to the staggered heights and uneven surface making it difficult to negotiate. The high peaks also act as a physical deterrent. 

The anti-trespass panels are made entirely from recycled aircraft tyres. As well as providing obvious environmental benefits, the panels can also be easily and safely manoeuvred and fitted by two people as each panel weighs just 42 kg. No heavy machinery or bulky equipment is needed, unlike other anti-trespass systems on the market which are typically twice as heavy.

The clever modular design allows for the panels to connect easily to each other, just like a jigsaw, making installation quick and easy. Better still, they can be easily configured to be installed against and around existing structures.

The panels form a complete matrix to cover any specified area for in-track or off-track deployment in rail, preventing trespassers from walking near the platform edge as well as across the track itself. They can also be strategically placed at trespasser hotspots such as level crossings. 

All panels are delivered with complete assembly kits and instructions. The track fastenings remain visible, which allows for track maintenance and inspection to be carried out easily. Our panels have been fully tested for quality and reliability over a 25-year period.

In order to enhance the effectiveness of the design, remote monitoring technology has been developed so that the panels can be integrated with a thermal CCTV system to detect trespassers. Sensors will then trigger an alarm, ultimately helping to prevent an accident or fatality from occurring.

Product specification:

  • Available in one standard size (L) 1200 mm x (W) 570 mm
  • Panels can be adapted to on-site conditions with hand tools
  • Resistant to wind and weather, tested at temperatures from -40°C to +60°C
  • Maintenance-free

For further information on the PRISMA modular deterrent system, please contact the HRD customer services team.

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