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Insulated Block Joint (IBJ) Kits

Our innovative IBJ/IRJ kits allow contractors to install IBJs themselves.

We are proud to be able to offer a pioneering IBJ kit which can be purchased by clients to fit IBJs independently*. This is ideal for when clients are tasked with adding twist/bent rails for switches/crossings, or when an IBJ needs to be fixed on-site because the rail design is too complex or too heavy to be transported.

The kit comes complete with semi-encapsulated insulated fish plates, specially designed high strength fastenings and a bespoke bonding system – all the correct parts a client needs to safely and securely fit an IBJ either in a factory or on-site.

Alternatively, for non-complex rails, our sister company HIRD Rail Services (HRS) can apply the IBJs internally on your behalf. Visit their website for more information. 

*Clients are audited to ensure that they have the correct systems and processes in place, to ensure that the IBJ system can perform to its designed credentials once installed in track.

Download the full technical specification

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