Posted on 25 January 2023

Welcome to the new HRD website! We’re excited to unveil it and celebrate the launch of the new brand, The HIRD Group, which encompasses all HIRD companies; HIRD Rail Services (HRS), Trough-Tec Systems (TTS), HIRD Rail Development BV (HBV), as well as HRD. Each specialises in its own field and provides solutions relating to its long-history and expertise, but now sits under The HIRD Group brand and website too. This makes it easier for you to access all the services we offer across the infrastructure market to the rail industry and beyond. The Group was formed to bring cohesion and continuity amongst the sub-companies and make it easy to identify the brands that sit under the same roof.

What is HRD?

Hird Rail Development (HRD) is an international supplier of cutting-edge rail infrastructure products and services. An integral part of our business is working closely with clients to anticipate challenges and provide solutions that can realistically help them to achieve their targets. At the foundation of our offering is engineering and development, which means we’re always analysing the industry so that we can predict future trends and pain points that could arise.

Our range of products is constantly expanding and always best-in-class. From ballast dust reduction to advances in cold hole expansion (CBX), sustainable polymer sleepers, and sophisticated tools for rail and sleeper repair, we are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation in the industry. We strive to highlight the pinnacle of what the rail industry can achieve, all the while advocating for the advancement of superior rail technologies.

Why The Group?

 There is an undeniable force when 4 industry-leading companies come together. By merging our decades of experience, each company can offer its own bespoke products whilst also taking advantage of the other services offered within the Group. Acting as a one-stop shop, the newly formed HIRD Group will be a consolidated hub for customers present and future, with clearer messaging to connect the sub-companies across the Group.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do

 Alongside the launch of our new website and The HIRD Group, we are continuously looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment as sustainability informs all our business practices and is truly at the heart of what we do. Ranging from collaborating with local suppliers to sourcing sustainable steel, our impact on the environment influences all o

ur decisions. All our products offer a degree of environmental benefit and are recyclable at some point in their lifecycle. Ensuring our products are made from the best materials possible is another way we ensure longevity for our clients, reducing the need to replace and throw away materials often. These are only a handful of ways we’re geared toward helping the industry achieve Net Zero. You can read more about our sustainability work.

We hope you enjoy our new website and The Group as much as we enjoyed building it.